The Area

How far is Disney World from Lakeview Villa?

       Lakeview Villa is about 8 miles to the gates of the Magic Kingdom.

How far is Universal Studios from Lakeview Villa?

       Lakeview Villa is about 23 miles to the gates of Universal Studios Orlando

Where can we get discount tickets to the theme parks?

       Please visit – Under Cover Tourist for discounts on theme park tickets. PLEASE be carefully with buying tickets at the roadside stands, you don’t want to spend all that money only to get to the gate and be told your ticket is invalid.

Are there grocery stores near the villa?

       There is a Publix, Walmart and Aldi’s all within a few miles of Lakeview Villa.

Do you have any shortcuts to Disney?

       When you book with us and let us know you are going to Disney we can send you directions to the ‘back way’ into Disney which is the route the locals take. Way less traffic!

What is traffic like on Rt 192?

       There are thousands of vacation rentals right off Rt 192, the main artery towards Disney, with drivers unfamiliar with the area mixed with locals just trying to get through. Needless to say you will often see drivers being impatient, so be alert. 

The Villa

Why do you charge extra for pool/spa heat?

       Not every guest wants wants pool/spa heat so in order to keep our nightly rate low we charge extra for pool / spa heat.

Do you offer any discounts?

       We offer discounts for stays longer than a week and during certain times of the year.

Why don’t you offer an outdoor grill?

      We want the best experience possible for our guests and a clean grille is one of them. Asking a guest to clean the grille for the next guest or asking the cleaners to     clean the grille just won’t work. We will recommend that you rent one for a local business, No Hassles Vacations that will deliver a clean grille before your arrival and pick up after you depart.

Do you have a provide a crib?

     We have a pack-n-play but if you need a crib check out No Hassles Vacations and you can rent one from them. They will deliver and pickup after your stay. 


The Lake

Is there fish in the lake and can I fish there?

    Yes there are fish in the lake. The HOA occasionally will stock with bass and crappie but we  personally haven’t seen anyone catch a bass. Yes you can fish in the lake. For better fishing we recommend driving north on 27 where there are lots of very large lakes for fishing. Info on fishing licenses can be found at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com.

Are there alligators in the lake?

    Hey it’s Florida, the saying is that you have to suspect any body of water to potentially have alligators from time to time. When one is sighted in this lake the HOA has it removed by animal control.

Can we play in the lake?

    We don’t recommend you playing in the lake but you can play along the banks. DO NOT SWIM in the LAKE!